Piyush Modak

Piyush ModakPiyush Modak
Head of Research & Development

Piyush Modak joined Endomedix in September, 2010.  Her prior experience included a focus on polymers, both synthetic and natural, for tissue engineering applications.  She has particular expertise in cellular interactions with polymer matrices and in the rheology of hydrogels.  Piyush has been instrumental in the development of Endomedix’s proprietary biopolymer technology, including the specification of the custom-made biopolymers used by Endomedix.  She led the integration of in situ FTIR methods for the control of the processing reactions used by Endomedix, a methodology which Endomedix has pioneered in the processing of biopolymers.

Ms. Modak leads the project planning for the Endomedix product development program, and is responsible for the design and establishment of laboratory procedures, data analysis, development of experimental protocols, and the selection and coordination of external consultants.  Building upon her patented work using GAG-like polysaccharides to engineer hydrogel-filled nanofibrous structures, she has helped build our understanding of the mechanism of hydrogel formation and maturation of Endomedix’s core technology.

Ms. Modak earned a Btech in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai, India and a MS BME from New Jersey Institute of Technology.