Intellectual Property

Endomedix has 2 active patent families, comprising of 7 granted patents and 2 published applications. The patent family originating from WO2007/124198 pertains to a biopolymer system designed for tissue sealing and the 2nd patent family originating from WO2020/106703 encompasses methods and compositions for achieving hemostasis and blood clot formation. Both patent families provide comprehensive coverage Endomedix’s chemistry technology platform.

NoTitle / Subject Matter  Geography / CountryPatent/Publication NumberApplication NumberFiling Date (MM/DD/YY)Issue Date
  Patent Type  Application Status
1Biopolymer system for tissue sealingUSUS7854923 B2US11/53036209/08/200612/21/2010UtilityGranted
2Biopolymer system for tissue sealingUSUS9259434 B2US13/94298207/16/201302/16/2016UtilityGranted
3Biopolymer system for tissue sealingUSUS8513217 B2US12/88262409/15/201008/20/2013UtilityGranted
4Biopolymer system for tissue sealingUSUS9731044 B2US15/00336701/21/201608/15/2017UtilityGranted
5Biopolymer system for tissue sealingEUEP2013237 B1 (Validated in FR and DE)EP07757188.302/19/200712/30/2015UtilityGranted
6Methods and compositions for achieving hemostasis and stable blood clot formationUSUS10517988 B1US16/19491711/19/201812/31/2019UtilityGranted
7Methods and compositions for achieving hemostasis and stable blood clot formationUSUS11033654 B2US16/69771711/27/201906/15/2021UtilityGranted
8Methods And Compositions For Achieving Hemostasis And Stable Blood Clot FormationUSUS2022/0017646US17/29509011/19/2019 UtilityPending
9Methods and compositions for achieving hemostasis and stable blood clot formationEUEP3883615A1EP19887104.811/19/2019 UtilityPending