PLEXimine™ Chemistry Platform

PLEXimine is a ‘tunable” chemistry platform that is versatile in its ability for form a series of biosurgery devices with different physical and performance characteristics.  Minor changes in processing techniques, concentration and delivery methods, all within the scope of our patent estate and demonstrated in our laboratory, can produce different product designs.  Five separate product groups can be developed from this common foundation.

PLEXimine starting materials are two natural polysaccharides with long histories of use in FDA-regulated products.  These natural sugars – dextran and chitosan – were selected for their biocompatibility and the strength of their polymer backbones.  PLEXimine-based devices contain only these two processed polysaccharides and saline.  When dispensed, these form 3-D structured and dynamic multifunctional devices in situ.  The processed polysaccharides do not provide a chemical action on the body to produce the device’s primary intended effect, nor are they metabolized for that purpose.  Instead, the two processed polysaccharides in saline solutions react with each other to form a physical device that produces the intended effect.  After use, PLEXimine devices break down into sugars and are excreted via the kidneys. 

PLEXimine technology has been explained in two, full-length scientific publications that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals. The technology is protected now by 7 issued patents and two published patent applications that provide robust protection of the composition of matter, methods of manufacture, and mechanisms of device action.