Management & Scientific Team

Endomedix works with a small internal team that it leverages through the use of long term relationships with renowned scientific leaders to produce its specific expertise and polysaccharide science. Both the internal staff and external collaborators will expand and evolve as the Company’s focus evolves from polysaccharide chemistry to preclinical testing to clinical trials.

Management Team

Richard Russo

Richard Russo
President & CEO

A 30+ year MedTech veteran, Richard has been a successful leader in both large corporate and start-up companies. Veteran of 2 successful start-ups, one in US (orthopaedics – M&A exit) and the other in France (human and xenogeneic tissue grafts – M&A exit). Richard is a hands-on leader with particular strengths in product development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and international. Prior to Endomedix, was président-directeur général of corporate-backed start-up, OST-Développement SA in France. He established OST marketing and regulatory approvals throughout Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia, and a subsidiary in Bulgaria. At Endomedix, Richard changed the business model, revised product-market strategy, and led development of PLEXimine platform. He obtained 9 issued patents, and is the lead private investor with $1.1 M cash investment + deferred compensation. Richard earned a BA cum laude at Boston College and a MBA at Columbia Business School.

Piyush ModakPiyush Modak
Vice President – Research & Development

Piyush has led the development of 5 specific scientific and technical breakthroughs necessary for the development of PLEXimine™ technology. She pioneered the first use of two key technologies for the processing and control of polysaccharides. Piyush has built a team of scientific contributors in chemistry, characterization techniques, purification and chemical engineering to help create PLEXimine. Working with external laboratories, she led the development of the cycles for SEC-MALS for use in both starting material characterization and in-process controls of absolute molecular weight distributions of the polysaccharides. Piyush earned a BTech degree in Information Technology from University of Mumbai, and received a MS in biomedical engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Scientific Team

Michael Jaffe, Ph.D

Dr. Jaffe is a renowned polymer chemist and former Chair, Polymeric Materials section of American Chemical Society.  Dr. Jaffe was a Research Fellow in central corporate research at Hoechst Celanese.  He is the recipient of two Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards (1995 & 2011), and a Lifetime Achievement Awards of the North American Thermal Analysis Society (2010).  Working with colleagues, Dr. Jaffe recently pioneered development of multiple devices & polymer systems, and methods for sugar-based chemicals to produce new monomers and polymers.  In addition to over 76 published articles, he has authored 18 book chapters.  R. Jaffe earned a BA in chemistry at Cornell University and a Ph.D in chemistry at Renssalear Polytechnic Institute.

Willis Hammond, Ph.D

Dr. Hammond is a technical leader in organic chemistry, advanced molecular modeling and computational chemistry, and NMR and GPC spectroscopy.  After a professorship at Yale University, he was Group Leader, NMR at Allied Signal.  He later served at Hoechst Research and Technology and Ticona Polymers as NMR spectroscopy scientist.  Dr. Hammond has published extensively in his field.  He earned a BS degree from Northwestern University and MS and Ph.D degrees in organic chemistry from Columbia University.  He also completed a NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at California Institute of Technology.

Thomas Gsell, Ph.D

Thomas Gsell is a leader in filtration technology and processing.  He spent 36 years at Pall Corporation in R&D and management positions, and retired as Sr. Corporate Vice President of Research & Development.  He was a key member of the Pall Medical business unit that developed and launched an extensive platform of commercially successful blood filtration products aimed at removing white blood cells from transfused blood. These filtration products and technology transformed the blood banking industry.  Dr. Gsell is named as co-inventor on over 100 granted and published patents, and has published a number of articles in peer reviewed scientific journals.  He earned a BS degree in chemistry from SUNY Albany ,  MS degree in polymer chemistry at Florida State University, and a Ph.D in polymer science from Polytechnic University.

Zohar Ophir, Ph.D

Dr. Ophir is a chemical engineer with a particular expertise in the design and fabrication of reactor vessels and systems for chemical reactions. He is an inventor on 6 issued patents for processing and fabrication. Dr. Ophir had worked for Celanese Research and RAFAEL Ltd. in chemical engineering research and management positions, and has worked extensively with other members of the Endomedix scientific team. He earned a BS Magna Cum LAUDE and a MSc degrees in chemical engineering at Israel Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in chemical engineering from Princeton University.

James Marecek, Ph.D

Dr. Marecek is an NMR specialist who was Director of the Chemical Synthesis Center at SUNY Stony Brook and a coordinator of NMR spectroscopy analyses for university researchers and external scientific organizations. He is author of over 130 journal research articles and book chapters. Dr. Marecek earned a BS in chemistry from Loyola University (Chicago) and a Ph.D in organic chemistry from Case Western Reserve University, and afterward was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in organophosphorus chemistry at SUNY Stony Brook.