Overview & Strategy

Endomedix is a pre-clinical biotechnology firm with particular expertise and experience in specialized polysaccharide chemistry.   The Company has developed internally PLEXimine™, a unique platform technology that can be used to develop game-changing products in 5 product groups or sectors.  PLEXimine can produce dynamic, structured devices that form in situ during procedures.  Already protected by a robust patent estate, the Company’s technology is poised to create new chapter in biosurgical techniques and devices.  Our first device, PlexiClot™ Absorbable Hemostat is targeted at a large underserved market in brain and spine surgery.

Endomedix is focused on technology and product development, securing patent protection, and bringing new devices to market.  The manufacture of its devices will be contracted to an external CMO to capitalize on the availability of established competent contractors and to avoid diverting management focus and resources from higher value creating activities.

The Company intends to establish a series of business units, each responsible for the different product groups that it will develop.  The groups with devices that Endomedix does not intend to market itself will be available to others via license or acquisition.