Endomedix, Inc. to present its innovative technology addressing the needs of Warfighters at the upcoming Military Health System and Research Symposium 2019 annual meeting

Posted: August 6, 2019

Montclair, NJ, August 6th 2019 – Endomedix, Inc., today announced that it will present its patented revolutionary technology to control bleeding in battlefield injuries at the upcoming Military Health System and Research Symposium (MHSRS) annual meeting.  Loss of blood still remains the most common cause of potentially preventable deaths in battlefield casualties, two-thirds of such deaths result from truncal hemorrhage that cannot be controlled with tourniquets. The poster will feature the biopolymer technology’s 5 complementary mechanisms of action that lead to fast hemostasis of heavy bleeds. 4 of the 5 complementary mechanisms are unique and the subject of the company’s latest patent applications.  Unlike currently available hemostats that require continuous manual pressure to be effective, the Endomedix device can spray or flow on without manual pressure and stays in place.

“While developing this technology for surgery, we discovered that it could also be used to control bleeding in aggressive wounds analogous to battlefield injuries” noted Richard Russo, CEO of Endomedix, Inc. “We believe that our technology presents multiple opportunities to address unmet needs of the US military, and addressing battlefield hemorrhage is only one of them.”

The poster will be available in the “Publications” section of the Endomedix, Inc. website.


The Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) is the Department of Defense’s premier scientific meeting. It provides a venue for presenting new scientific knowledge resulting from military-unique medical research and development. The MHSRS is the principal military or civilian meeting that focuses specifically on the unique medical needs of the Warfighter. This annual four-day educational symposium draws approximately 3,000 attendees.  The MHSRS 2019 is scheduled for August 19-22 in Kissimmee, Florida.

About Endomedix, Inc.
Endomedix is a private biotechnology company that has developed a patented platform technology that it will use to develop a series of biosurgery products. The first products from this platform will be a series of absorbable hemostats for surgical, military and first responder applications. The Company is also planning a project to assess the utility of its technology to manage ocular battlefield trauma. Subsequent developments using its technology platform will include a series of tissue sealant, sustained release drug delivery and tissue engineering devices. Endomedix, Inc. is located at 1 Normal Avenue, Center for Environmental and Life Sciences, Suite 404, Montclair, New Jersey 07043. Website: www.Endomedix.com. For more information, contact Richard Russo, CEO; e-mail -rrusso@endomedix.com