Endomedix publishes ground breaking research and method development for the use of biologically derived polysaccharides in implantable medical devices in peer reviewed journal

Posted: September 10, 2019

Montclair, NJ, September 10th 2019 – Endomedix, Inc. announced today the first of a series of publications of its research and patented technology for a new family of biomaterials based on natural polysaccharides.  Appearing in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science, the article, “Reproducible, biocompatible medical materials from biologically derived polysaccharides: Processing and Characterization”, addresses the methods and tasks to develop a tunable technology that can be designed to support product development in several different product sectors.  This article addresses the method development and verification necessary to use a variable natural material as a key component in a consistent medical device.

“Working with natural biomaterials as components or substrates for medical devices holds great promise from the perspectives of biocompatibility, biodegradation and nontoxicity”, notes Richard Russo, Endomedix CEO.  “However there has been a dearth of solid information about how to characterize and control even common polysaccharides.  Using such material to create a unique family of biomaterials for use in a medical device presents very different challenges than does the simple addition of a biopolymer to gauze or another device.”

“When starting out, we found that there was not consensus among  specialist laboratories about the methods for determining characteristics such as absolute molecular weight distributions of these materials” stated Piyush Modak, Director of Research and Development.  “We had to develop and validate the methods ourselves. This may have been due to the fact that few product developers were trying to use these materials as active components in a medical biomaterial.  Our work produced a method for forming structured and dynamic hydrogel materials in situ without using an external cross linking agent.  The technology allows us to vary greatly key performance parameters such as gelation time, porosity and other characteristics of the resulting devices. Interestingly, these materials can be made to shrink even when fully immersed in body fluids”.

Endomedix is planning a series of follow-on technical articles to describe the biomaterials produced with its methods and materials, as well as in vivo trial results of prototypes for its first device, a spray-on absorbable hemostat intended for use in brain and spine surgery.  This article can be found at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/app.48454

About Endomedix, Inc.
Endomedix is a private biotechnology company that has developed a patented platform technology that it will use to develop a series of biosurgery products. The first products from this platform will be a series of absorbable hemostats for surgical, military and first responder applications. The Company is also planning a project to assess the utility of its technology to manage ocular battlefield trauma. Subsequent developments using its technology platform will include a series of tissue sealant, sustained release drug delivery and tissue engineering devices. Endomedix, Inc. is located at 1 Normal Avenue, Center for Environmental and Life Sciences, Suite 404, Montclair, New Jersey 07043. Website: www.Endomedix.com.  For more information, contact Richard Russo, CEO; e-mail: rrusso@endomedix.com